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Classic Vehicle Insurance

Owners of vehicles with Classic Vehicle, Classic Rod, or Old Timer license plates are now required to carry classic or antique vehicle insurance. Owners who do not meet the requirements will have to obtain a different license plate style and a smog check if needed.

  • You must show the Declarations page from your insurance policy as proof that the vehicle is covered by Nevada insurance that is specifically designated for classic or antique vehicles and meets the minimum liability coverage. You must submit this at your next renewal or at the time you first obtain plates.

  • The vehicle may not be used as general transportation, driven more than 5,000 miles per year or used in any commercial capacity

  • The vehicle may be driven in club activities, exhibitions, tours, parades or similar activities or for maintenance

  • Vehicles that meet these requirements are exempt from emissions testing if the owner also completes an Odometer Certification for Emissions Exemption Form (EC 018).

  • Renewals may be completed in person, by mail or by fax at (775) 684-4797. Complete a Payment Authorization Form (ADM 205) for mail or fax renewals.

  • Plate swaps and original plate orders must be completed in person at a DMV office.

If you do not meet these requirements, you must obtain a different plate style and an emissions inspection if needed. These requirements apply to all vehicles with Classic Vehicle, Classic Rod or Old Timer plates regardless of location or whether they are subject to emissions testing. These are new laws passed during the 2021 Nevada Legislature. See Assembly Bill 349.

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